Zalmhaven Tower Will Dominate the Rotterdam Skyline

Rotterdam loves its modern architecture.

The Zalmhaven tower will be taller than the Euromast, feature a panoramic lookout terrace, and it will be right in the heart of the city. With 188 meters and a It will feature 300-400 apartments (depending on configuration) and possibly a hotel on the top floors. It will rise right on the foot of the Erasmus bridge on the north side, next to the existing two black towers (the “Hoge Heren”). Also included are two 70-meter apartment buildings right next to the main tower.

Zalmhaven 3

Project Details
Name: Zalmhaven Urban
Status: In Development
Location: Gedemte Zalmhaven, Houtlaan
Area: Center Scheepvaartkwartier
Type: Apartments/Hotel
Architect: Dam & Partners, Kaan Archtecten
Start: 2018
Planned Completion: 2021
Height: 188 meter, 212 including mast

Zalmhaven 2

Note: The design between these drawings are indeed not exactly the same!

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