This is the most intriguing cocktail bar in Rotterdam – enigmatic directions, secret access codes and a hidden entrance. The address is unknown, and in order to get there you would need to register to a ‘doctor’ appointment on the DR. website and wait for them to connect with you.

The bartenders will welcome you in lab coats. You will be surrounded with dim lights and soft music. And maybe they are not real doctors, but what they do with cocktails is an art, trust that you will be in good, professional hands. The bartenders will mix a perfect elixir for you to relax and to leave all worries behind.

If you want to spend your evening with a feeling of a little adventure and go for the best treatment do not hesitate to register.

To be discovered

Opening hours:
Open for consults on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday

Contact details:
Phone: +31631314446 (only if you are booking on a short notice or tonight)

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