A4 Connection Between 010 and The Hague Will Open Soon

Update 17-Dec: Good news! The final opening has been set to tomorrow night, 19:30 sharp. Happy motoring.

Dutch people do not like traffic jams more than anywhere else in the world. But in a country as densely populated as this one and the culture of inclusion and consensus, building a new highway is not an easy feat. Perhaps the most extreme case of this is the A4 highway between Rotterdam and The Hague. For 40 years discussions, lawsuits and demonstrations have been held about this important strip of asphalt of just a few kilometers in length. Meanwhile, Dutch road maps have included a dashed line for all of that time, and many of us have been standing in traffic jams on the A13 on our daily commute to The Hague, Delft, Leiden or 020.

This era is coming to an end. The A4 road between Rotterdam and Delft is slated to open next month.

A couple of highlights:

  • The lights have been constructed using unusually low posts. This is to minimize the light pollution in the direct area
  • The road is partially half-immersed into the earth to minimize sound and visual pollution of the surroundings, and a 2 km tunnel to allow quiet passing through Schiedam.

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